Transition at Brickhill Primary School

Foundation Transition

Our Foundation Team at Brickhill Primary School welcomes children from all settings and have a dedicated programme of events and activities to ensure that children and parents have a smooth transition into Foundation.

We begin our transition programme in the Spring Term when all new parents and carers are given a Welcome to Brickhill Information Pack, which includes an invitation to our New Parents Meeting in the first half of the summer term, this will usually be in May.

New Parents Meeting

The New Parents Meeting is a special evening for new parents and carers to our school. The meeting is an excellent way for new parents to gain important information about our school and our transition process of home visits, taster day, story sessions and All About Me Books. At the meeting the Foundation Team explains how the Foundation works and our expectations of a good parental participation and support. The Foundation Team gives parents a general overview of the curriculum and what it is like to be a child in Foundation at Brickhill. Parents and carers will also get the opportunity to view the school uniform, book home visits, look around the Foundation Classrooms and ask any questions they may have. At the meeting parents and carers are given our 'Starting School Booklet' a handbook for which gives a wealth of information to parents about every thing they need to know about Foundation including the dates for all transition events.

Transition events

Pre-School Transition to Foundation

The Foundation Leader visits different settings throughout the year to make links with pre-schools. In the summer term the Foundation Leader visits the local pre-schools to gain information about children entering Foundation in September and to observe them playing in their pre-school setting. Pre-schools send transfer information to Foundation at the end of July.

Story Sessions

After the New Parents Meeting we hold a series of three story sessions in June so that children and parents can become familiar with our school and staff before September. The story sessions are led by our class teachers. The story sessions are usually run on a Wednesday afternoon between 3.00-3.20 pm. in our main hall. The story sessions are great fun for children and they enjoy meeting the staff in a relaxed and informal way.

Taster day

The taster day session is in July and is usually the borough transfer day. The taster sessions aim to give children the freedom to explore the setting and become familiar with our Foundation Team. We recommend that children come along to this session to meet other members of their class. The taster session is led by a class teacher who will talk to children about the Foundation setting. After the talk children are free to play inside or in our lovely outside area. Parents and carers may leave their child after the talk if they have settled. We ask parents and carers to return just before the end of the session to collect their child.

Home Visits

The Foundation Team visit all children in their homes in September. The aim of the home visit is to allow parents and carers to share personal information about their child before starting school. The home visits are lovely way for children to get to know the Foundation staff eg. sharing their 'All About Me Book'. The home visits are in the mornings and children come to visit the school in the afternoon of their home visit wearing their school uniform. 

Series of half day sessions

We have a series of half day sessions to allow children to to ease themselves into school life. The half day sessions help children to learn what is expected of them at school and become familair with how to utilise the Foundation setting as an independent learner. During one of the half day sessions parents and cares get the opportunity to have lunch with their child at school. After the half days children will become full time.

Foundation Transition to Year 1

The Foundation children in July visit their new classes and teachers. The children spend a day with their new teacher and teaching assistants. The children enjoy a range of activities throughout the day, often making something which will be used in a class display to welcome them in September. The Year 1 teachers also visit the children in Foundation so that they can get to know them while they are playing in their usual setting.

The Year 1 curriculum in September reflects the Foundation curriculum with children having time to play outsisde as well as inside. The children also have an opportunity to visit Foundation again for a play sessions. 

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

As a new primary school, tranisition to Secondary school will not be necessary until 2019, However, this transition will most likely follow the following process.

Late in the Autumn term of Year Six, the Head teachers of the local Secondary Schools will invite children and their parents to their Open Evenings or Days. Staff from the schools will come in to talk with the Year Six children and give them all an initial insight to what life at a Secondary School would be like.

Early in the Spring term of Year Six, parents will apply for the Secoondary School of their choice and notification of a place will be announced by the end of that term.

During the Summer Term, once the children are aware of their new schools, more individualised transition will begin. Staff from Brickhill and the Secondary Schools will meet to pass on information concerning the children entering their school the following September. In addition, staff from all the schools should visit Brickhill to talk to and observe the children in their school setting and a number of other activities will be organised to ensure the children are happy, confident and excited about moving on.

Finally early in July the children will spend at least one full school day in their new school.