Vision and Aims


Building a better future for your child.

The core purpose of Brickhill Primary School is to provide all our children with a safe, supportive, positive and effective learning environment which is based firmly on the values of trust, kindness, respect, acceptance and tolerance of other people's views, beliefs and opinions.

We aim to develop the academic, social, spiritual, emotional, moral and physical education of our children by the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum, in which emphasis is placed on achieving the highest standards of attainment and rates of progress and displaying exemplary standards of behaviour and courtesy.

In giving every child an equality of opportunity and respect, and in valuing every child as an individual, we aim to foster a positive approach to learning which promotes the qualities of motivation, initiative, independence and endeavour.

We believe the pupils, parents and the school must work in partnership if such aims are to be successfully and consistently achieved. In addition, such a partnership must be extended to the wider community to encompass and embrace all those individuals and organisations who are supportive of and interested in our school.